Current Series

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Beginning September 17 we start a new series and new process that is critical for the life of True North Church. We plan to spend time articulating and digging deeper into the mission and values we believe God has for True North at this time.

As a church we have experienced many joys, and yes some pains over the last few years.  It's important to address the low points...but with expectations for God to do great things and rally together for a fresh start.

With that in mind we are emphasizing a new mission for our church...

Embracing the disconnected into a family growing in relationship with God and each other.

So, beginning September 17 we begin our journey to the "mountaintop."  And this mountaintop is a place where...

  • People are excited about our future
  • People are coming to Christ for the first time
  • People of all ages are experiencing deep growth in relationship with Christ and one another
  • We are united around a common mission
  • We have emerging leaders
  • Newcomers feel genuinely welcome
  • And much more...


So, we ask everyone to be in great prayer at this time as we recommit ourselves to making this mission and vision a reality.

Let's get to the mountaintop!