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True North Prayer Meeting

  • Home of Pastor Thomas and Sam Lee 3231 West Maya Way Phoenix, AZ, 85083 United States (map)
On Saturday August 27th we will be having another all church prayer meeting as this is a pivotal time of us seeking God for the direction of our church as well as our personal lives...  The following is a note from Pastor Thomas regarding the meeting...

Hello True North, 

My professor in seminary reminded us by saying ..."The heart of spiritual warfare is prayer".   

I have a special "call" to ask of you...again. :)   

Can you join me in a prayer gathering (Saturday evening, Aug 27th @ our home) as we inch closer to a new season in our church body?  The last one was a great start!   But I'd love for us to meet again.  

As in my previous reach out to you I said that I am calling for a church wide prayer meeting for at least three reasons:  

1)  Spiritual warfare (individually and corporately). 

Many of you are experiencing trials of various kinds.  Some with your child.   Some with your spouse.  Some with work. Some with personal emotions and thoughts.  Some with life direction. Some with hurt from the past.   And some with private sins or physical challenges.   

The Apostle Paul says that we don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against the evil forces in the spiritual realm (Ephesians 6).  Do you ever wonder if what you're experiencing isn't just a set of circumstances that can be resolved by just "trying harder".   There's a spiritual reality that under girds the physical one.  And that reality is immensely powerful.   

As we pray, God helps us. 

2)  This is a pivotal moment.  

So often people ask me, "What's your vision?"  But I believe the more important question is this.  "What's God's vision?"   My vision (or your vision) and God's vision may not in fact be in alignment.  And sometimes God's vision is revealed all at once or gradually bit by bit.   But here's what we can do to expect God to guide us with HIS vision.  We need to be in unity through humble prayer as we move forward together into the future.  

3)  No one person can build well.... alone. 

You guys, I can't do this alone.  Can you show that we're walking together by coming out?  I also understand that no one day is perfect for everyone to all show up.  But IF you can, please come.  We'll just let the Spirit lead us together in prayer. 

You don't need to RSVP. Just show up!   

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