Meet Our Team


Thomas Lee
Lead Pastor

Five Ways to Describe Him:

Loves his family, loves to eat, laid back, easy going, and loves to share Jesus

What Does He Do for True North Church?

He tries to focus on what he does better than other things when it comes to pastoring a church.  Preaching and teaching God's truth.  

If He Could Have Any Wish, what would it be?

Surfing in Indonesia with his two sons and going scuba diving with his wife somewhere tropical.

Most embarrassing Moment?

Accidentally peed on his pants while going to the bathroom (was wearing very baggy pants).   Had to somehow make it back to the table in the restaurant without being noticed. 

What he does on his spare time? 

Spends time with his family, reads as much as he can, surfs and snowboards if he can ever get to the ocean or mountains, and teaches philosophy at a local college.   

juliesresumepic (56x75).jpg

Julie Kurz

Children's Ministry Director

Julie has over 24 years of ministry experience.  17 of those years have been in Children's Ministry.  Julie has a passion not only to help children grow in their relationships with Jesus, but she also has a passion to equip parents so they too would know how to be involved in their children's spiritual development.  

Julie also has her own para church ministry (Reconnect) that helps other churches around the country to develop healthy ministries for the next generation.  Click HERE for more information.

Matt Yeary

Associate Pastor

Five Ways to Describe Him:

  • Loves his family

  • Loves Music (VERY eclectic)

  • History Nerd

  • Traveler

  • Phoenix Native (even my grandparents are natives!)

What Does He Do for True North Church?

He serves as associate pastor, primarily facilitating our Sunday morning services, helping to lead our worship music, developing publications, etc.  He also preaches about once a month in our worship service.  

If He Could Have Any Wish, what would it be?

Travel to every continent with my wife.  A close second would be to own a restored American classic car (there are five I dream of… any one of them will do).

Most embarrassing Moment?

In my previous church setting I had to use the restroom during a worship song right before my sermon.  I had a cordless microphone attached to me and did not realize it was on.  Apparently some people heard the toilet flush through the speakers during the song.  Coincidentally the song being sung was “The River.”

What he does on his spare time? 

Spare time?  What’s that?  : )  I love exploring the different roads and highways of our awesome state (I’m a native) with my wife in our Mustang.